jac & violet

Andrea Gharritt

Jac & Violet owner and maker, Andrea Gharritt, is a Wisconsin native who has been designing and making jewelry since she was six years old. Thank goodness her craft and materials have evolved over the years! Each piece is handcrafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota in her tiny little studio in Uptown.
For Andrea, it is the greatest thrill to get lost in shapes, textures, and pallets that will ultimately result in a deliberate piece of bold self-expression. Because honestly, the boldest, bravest thing we can do some days is to simply show up as 100% ourselves. And what we wear and how we adorn our bodies can help give us the confidence to do so. So why not be bold and wear your art!


Nicole Trigger

Nicole Trigger is a Minneapolis tastemaker, adventure-seeker and mom committed to sharing her Twin Cities experiences.. After moving to the area in 2013, Nicole became passionate about seeking out the latest and greatest the Twin cities has to offer and documenting her discoveries along the way. In addition to keeping her readers up-to-date on what's happening around town, Nicole launched a line of "Live & Love MN" products in boutiques across the metro this spring. 


Jessie McShane

Wool & Whiskey is a cozy lifestyle brand started in Saint Paul, MN by founder Jessie McShane. She saw a need for quality, warm winter accessories that were soft on the skin and could be worn with your everyday outfit as well as your fall or winter coat. Everything about the cozy collection of handmade warmth offers comfort and simplicity in each piece. Not only is each item hand knit with love by the Wool and Whiskey team but each piece is carefully crafted to last a lifetime.


Sharon Schneider

Sharon makes the everyday extraordinary. From handcrafted totes and storage buckets to DIY tips and recipes, she helps people create spaces where they can be calm, organized, and creative.

Yana Design

Yana Bobyleva

Yana is a Russian designer and artist now living in the Twin Cities.  Her brand, Yana Design, is about custom prints on almost every garment, which allows Yana to create a piece that is truly tailored to you!  She masters a fine combination of craftsmanship and attention to detail, all while using high end materials.  


Ben Vandenwymelenberg

Woodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission, put nature back into peoples' lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth, and we want to be a daily reminder of that with our real wood products. It's also important to us to bring jobs back to America, while bringing quality products back to consumers. With every product sold, we plant a tree. It's our way of making a better world for future generations. It's not about us, it's about our planet and how we can make a difference now.

d a u r e n 

Brandon Barnes

Dauren represents casual style with minimal influences from street wear culture.  Versatility and giving one an option to choose was where it originated.  Dauren also come from the word ENDURANCE.  Our philosophy is "a group of people working together" rather than networking to build a community.  We believe when we all work together, then we are truly united as one.  


Kathy Engen & Linda Heath

Our company was formed out of days and nights writing our first book. A few months later we published gōl: a curated guide for the modern day job hunt, and we've been in motion ever since. Using gōl as the roadmap to lead you through a journey of self discovery, to easily navigate effective resume writing, networking and interviewing, we are shifting your mindset and sparking new ideas. 


Heidi Mueller

Excelsior Candle Co. was born of the belief that the right fragrance can make everyday moments feel extraordinary. All of our candles are batch made in Minnesota using the highest quality ingredients; you’ll fall in love at first light.

Cherry rock

Taylor Starkman

In 2013, in search of more meaningful work outside of a longstanding corporate career, Taylor began designing her first pieces of jewelry as a much-needed creative outlet and a way for her to get hands-on with her work. As a self-taught artist with incredible attention to detail, she makes original pieces of jewelry from her White Bear Lake, Minnesota studio focusing on utilization of quality metals, colorful natural stones/minerals, and a variety of techniques. In July, 2016 Cherry Rock Design was officially launched.

senn & sons

Kim Senn

Senn & Sons is a creative studio founded by Kim Senn, an illustrator and designer passionate about colorful, hand-drawn prints and patterns. Specializing in creating surface and pattern designs, children’s products and paper goods, Kim finds inspiration in the small details of family life, the adventures that come with having energetic little boys, and the occasional quiet moments in between. 


Becca Stein

Minne Momma Designs was founded in 2015 and is built on a passion and a determination to create paper goods assured to brighten your day and bring color and craft to life's moments large and small.


Sara Goldfine

Goldfine Jewelry stretches the boundaries of innovative design in order to create versatility in fashion-forward, yet timeless adornments. The Goldfine Jewelry handcrafted collections are built on a mission to create the highest quality pieces, designed with passion and incredible attention to detail.


Ginger Neilon

We take our love of art, design, and nature to create a personal connection to each handcrafted bauble. The Land of 10,000 Lakes provides us with a limitless flow of inspiration & creativity, allowing for our team to construct an ever evolving collection of jewelry with a soul.