we've got a thing for local

Poppy Stella Rose was developed through a love for Minnesota and sharing local artistry and inspiration. After being a full-time stay at home mother to two active kids, Sarah has founded her own company, Poppy Stella Rose. Sarah's love for fashion and styling has led her along this journey to support local artists and their passion to express themselves through their craft. Sarah will curate her site showcasing each artist’s story and creations. There will also be posts highlighting the latest fashion trends, food inspiration and local hot spots where fun is a must, which are all things that tell the story of Sarah and her passions.

Poppy Stella Rose believes in supporting all things local. We will showcase local artisans while also giving back to our community. A portion of our profits will be donated to a MN nonprofit helping families, including The Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, whose mission is to end child neglect and abuse and create strong healthy families; the Liz Logelin Foundation, who give hope and support to widows and widowers with families, and SAVE Suicide Awareness Voices of Education whose mission is suicide prevention and awareness. We believe that with each purchase, we can and will contribute to improving our community. A child, a family, a community will be supported every time a purchase is made. 

The growth in awareness of a variety of Minnesota artists and their brands is rewarding to us. We will strive to celebrate each unique artist and continue to be passionate for life, love, style and fun through local love. Shop local, shop small and shop for a cause!